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General Terms and Conditions

TeslaVital, owned by Christian Schneider 

General Terms and Conditions, Version: July 2014

General Information / Scope

TeslaVital (hereinafter „we“ or „TeslaVital“), owned by Christian Schneider, Hagener Straße 84a 57072 Siegen, operates several websites and an online store with the URL

Once you place an order on our website, you (hereinafter “you” or “the buyer”) enter a purchase agreement with the seller TeslaVital, owned by Christian Schneider.

Based on this, we enter into the following agreement:

1.    General

1.1.  By placing an order the buyer acknowledges these General Terms and Conditions.  

1.2.  The current version of our General Terms and Conditions applies at all times.

1.3.  These General Terms and Conditions apply to all transactions between us and the buyer. 

1.4.  Any other rules drawn up by the buyer do not apply. No other conditions will be considered part of this agreement, even if they have not been explicitly excluded, unless we have given our express written consent to their applicability.

1.5.  Should there be individual cases in which the payment and shipping conditions detailed in our online shop deviate from the conditions detailed in these General Terms and Conditions, the conditions detailed in the online shop shall have priority over those detailed in these General Terms and Conditions.
2.    Purchase Agreement

2.1.  Placing an order constitutes a binding offer from you to enter into an agreement with us. By sending you an email containing an order confirmation or delivering your purchase to you we may accept this offer. First, you will receive an email telling you that we have received your order. The purchase agreement, however, only goes into effect once we have sent you an order confirmation by email or delivered your purchase to you.

2.2.  Placing an order with our online shop is a four-step process. Step 1: Choose your products. Step 2: Input your customer information including your billing address, and if applicable, a separate delivery address, or access and use customer information you have previously provided to our website. Step 3: Choose your preferred payment option. Step 4: Check the information you have provided (e.g. name, address, payment option, products) and make corrections as needed before you click “buy now” to submit your order.

3.    Storage of the Purchase Agreement

We will store the purchase agreement, so you may print it out after submitting your order by clicking “print” during the last step of the order process. We will send you an email confirming that your order has been submitted, and an order confirmation including all order details and our General Terms and Conditions.

4.    Retention of Title

We retain ownership of our products until full payment of the purchase price has been received.

5.    Prices, Shipping Costs, Costs for Returning Products in Case of Revocation

5.1.  All prices are final prices including VAT. For orders to be delivered within Germany, shipping costs apply to purchases with an order value of at least 150 Euros. For orders to be delivered to other EU countries, shipping costs apply to purchases with an order value of at least 190 Euros. For details concerning shipping costs, please see: “Shipping Costs”.

5.2.  If you choose to exercise an existing right of revocation you shall bear the regular costs of return shipment. This also applies if, at the time of revocation, you have not yet made payment in full or in part as defined in our purchase agreement.

6.    Delivery Conditions

The delivery times provided in the respective offer shall apply. They commence upon receipt of payment. If you choose to pay by invoice or direct debit, delivery times shall start upon receipt of the purchase agreement by the vendor.

7.    Terms of Payment

Payment may be made in advance, through invoice, direct debit, PayPal, or immediate bank transfer (sofortüberweisung), by credit card or cash on delivery. We retain the right to exclude individual payment options. If you choose to pay in advance we will include our banking information in your order confirmation. The purchase amount must be transferred to our account within 10 days.

8.    Warranty

The warranty is based on statutory provisions. Used items and cases in which the buyer is not identical with the end user are excluded from warranty. If the buyer is also the end user, a one-year warranty applies to used items.

9.    Privacy

In the process of planning, entering into, executing, and rescinding a purchase agreement we collect, store, and process data based on statutory provisions. For more information on our privacy policy please read our Privacy Statement. You may download it on our website.

10.  Applicable Law

These General Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Germany. For consumers, these laws only apply as long as no statutory provisions in their country of residence or habitual residence are compromised through them.

AGB-TeslaVital, Version: July 2017

Teslaplate colors Crown Chakra

Color: Purple

Position: directly above the head or crown

Qualities: inner peace, self-fulfillment, spiritual understanding, mental and physical development

Teslaplate colors Brow or Third Eye Chakra

Color: Indigo

Position: between the eyebrows and the root of the nose

Qualities: good focus and imagination, intuition and self-knowledge

Teslaplate colors Throat Chakra

Color: Light Blue

Position: in the vicinity of the larynx and the thyroid gland

Qualities: good communication skills, good self esteem and use of language, creativity

Teslaplate colors Heart Chakra

Color: Green

Position: heart and rib cage

Qualities:dedication and compassion, love, harmony, altruism and tolerance, good overall health

Teslaplate colors Solar Plexus Chakra

Color: Yellow

Position: right above the belly button

Qualities: assertiveness, attention, logical thinking, and strong nerves

Teslaplate colors Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

Position: upper pelvic area

Qualities: joyfulness, confidence, constructive actions, good relationship with others and the environment

Teslaplate colors Root Chakra

Color: Red

Position: at the bottom of the spine

Qualities: well grounded personality, confidence, security, good overall constitution

Teslaplate colors Aura protection

Color: Black

Application: Aura protection and harmonization for electric devices