TeslaVital® Chip - Lakhovsky

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TeslaVital® Chip with inbuilt Lakhovsky antenna ?enhanced protection; the Lakhovsky antenna generates a harmonizing field of vibrations.

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TeslaVital® Chip - Lakhovsky antenna

Our adhesive TeslaVital® Chip consists of an original black Teslaplate® with an inbuilt Lakhovsky antenna. Doctor Georges Lakhovsky developed this antenna with Nikola Tesla?s help. The combination of our Teslaplate® with the twelve open circuits of Lakhovsky?s unique antenna produces multiple protective fields of vibration with strongly positive effects. Georges Lakhovsky used this principle as early as 1931 to produce positive resonance effects in plant, animal, and human cells.

TeslaVital® Chip for electronic devices
  • aura protection and harmonization
  • increased wellbeing
  • stress reduction
  • adhesive
  • easy handling and application to electronic devices of any kind
  • the transmission power of your device remains unaffected
  • immediate effect
  • high level of quality and workmanship
  • extremely durable
  • bio compatible


mobile phones and small devices:   30 mm
tablets, routers, laptops etc.:   36 mm

Designed for use with:
  • electronic devices of any kind
  • mobile phones
  • WLAN
  • routers 
  • tablets
  • DECT phones
  • audio baby-monitors
  • laptops 
  • PCs 
  • microwaves 
  • Bluetooth devices (wireless mouse / keyboards etc.) 
  • TVs
  • and many more

---Can be applied in a matter of seconds ---

Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets

The TeslaVital® Chip can be applied either to internal components like batteries or to the surface of the device.

Wireless phones (DECT)
In the case of wireless phones we recommend applying one plate to your handset and another to the base station, since the base station is located right inside your home.

In the case of WLAN, we recommend applying the Teslaplate® to your router. Ideally, further TeslaVital® Chips should be applied to frequently used receiving devices like laptops, tablets, and PCs.

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