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Watch Out – Fake Teslaplates Do Not Work!

Fake Teslaplate

Recently, we have been hearing complaints about fake Teslaplates being circulated in Italy and elsewhere inside the EU. As creators of Teslaplates we want to distance ourselves from such fakes, which have nothing in common with real Teslaplates. Fake products are void of functionality and have no benefits to offer to the cheated buyer. Watch out for fakes!

Fake Teslaplates can be differentiated from original Teslaplates by their appearance and lack of functionality.

How to Recognize Fake Products

No TeslaVital® Logo and Wrong Colors
You will not find a TeslaVital® logo on a fake plate. Also, the fake product is not violet, a color that is used in meditation and chakra work around the world.

Teslaplate vs Fake

Faulty Surfaces and Color Coating

The hole drilled into the fake plate looks messy. This also tends to be the place where the coating starts to wear off. The coating is uneven and displays protrusions in places, as shown in the photograph.

Fake Teslaplate and wrong color + hole

Original Teslaplates are NOT color coated but oxidyzed in an elaborate process to ensure high levels of quality and functionality. Therefore, uneven trickles of color gathering along the edges are a telltale sign of a fake plate.

Contradictory Instructions

Fake plates come with contradictory instructions that do not match the products’ production process and functionality. While the instructions that come with fake plates may claim that the product was electronically oxidyzed, it was in fact simply - and cheaply - color-coated. This may be a procedure suitable for garden furniture but not for real and effective Teslaplates (see photographs above).

Inferior Material and Quality

The material used for fake plates is not suitable for the intended use. Fake plates easily bend, for example, which indicates poor quality. Original Teslaplates do NOT bend.

Fake Teslaplate


  • Fake plates are of inferior quality
  • They use the wrong colors and come with contradictory instructions
  • Fake plates have no benefits even after repeated use and are therefore pointless

We recommend returning any fake products you may have purchased to the point of purchase.

Farben der Teslaplatten Kronenchakra

Farbe: Purpur

Position: direkt über dem Kopf bzw. Scheitel des Menschen

Eigenschaften: innerer Frieden, Selbstverwirklichung, spirituelles Verständnis und Förderung der geistigen Entwicklung und Intuition

Farben der Teslaplatten Stirnchakra

Farbe: Indigo

Position: zwischen Nasenwurzel und Augenbrauen

Eigenschaften: hohe Konzentrationsfähigkeit und Vorstellungskraft, bessere Intuition und Selbsterkenntnis

Farben der Teslaplatten Halschakra

Farbe: Hellblau

Position: im Bereich von Kehlkopf und Schilddrüse

Eigenschaften: gute kommunikative Eigenschaften, höheres Selbst- und Sprachbewusstsein, Kreativität

Farben der Teslaplatten Herzchakra

Farbe: Grün

Position: in der Brustkorbmitte über dem Herzen

Eigenschaften: Hingebung und Mitgefühl, Liebe, Harmonie, Uneigennützigkeit und Toleranz

Farben der Teslaplatten Nabelchakra

Farbe: Gelb

Position: knapp über dem Bauch­nabel

Eigenschaften: Durchsetzungs­vermögen, Aufmerksamkeit, logisches Denken und Nervenstärke

Farben der Teslaplatten Sakralchakra

Farbe: Orange

Position: handbreit unterhalb des Bauchnabels

Eigenschaften: Freude am Leben, Selbstsicherheit, konstruktives Handeln, gute Beziehungen zu anderen Menschen und zur Umwelt

Farben der Teslaplatten Wurzelchakra

Farbe: Rot

Position: unteres Ende der Wirbelsäule

Eigenschaften: Erdverbundenheit, Selbstvertrauen und Sicherheit, allgemein gute Konstitution

Farben der Teslaplatten Auraschutz

Farbe: schwarz

Anwendung: Auraschutz, Elektrosmog

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