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Using Teslaplates - Examples

Discover the Versatility of Teslaplates

Improve your general wellbeing with Teslaplates in many areas of daily life. You will be amazed at the countless ways people have found to benefit from Teslaplates.

Wellness for Body and Soul

Physical and emotional balance are the pillars of vitality. Teslaplates® positively affect your general wellbeing. Meditation helps you relax, release happiness hormones, and feel more content and energetic. Get your energy flowing along the right channels with TeslaVital®.

A Teslaplate for the Road

Even on the move balance and harmony are important to you? Our business card sized Teslaplates fit easily into your pocket or wallet. Another perfect companion for your daily activities is the small TeslaVital® pendant: Use it as a decorative centerpiece for a necklace or bracelet or simply put it on your keychain, and enjoy the beautiful sensation of balance and harmony it will add to your day.

Pure Taste - Pure Joy

Nothing influences our organism more strongly that the quality of our daily drinking water. But not only its chemical composition counts. Water is more than a cocktail of chemical elements: It stimulates our senses. It is the source of life. Enjoy the full, pure taste of water with TeslaVital®. Place a glass or a jug of water on top of a Teslaplate for a while, and - viola! You will be surprised just how pure and clear, how revitalizing and refreshing the taste of water can be!

TeslaVital® Stands for Good Taste

As far back as Ancient Greece, the famous doctor Hippocrates of Kos knew: Food is our medicine. The many choices we are confronted with at the supermarket every day, however, often leave us helpless, wondering:  Which foods are good for us, and which aren't? Especially fruit and vegetables are often subject to many harmful influences while they grow, including pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This can have adverse effects on their taste. Don't let this ruin your dinner! Place your shopping on top of a Teslaplate for a little while before  preparing it as usual, and enjoy your meal. You will not regret the little extra effort!

Teslaplates are loved and appreciated by people all over the world. Discover the multiple effects of TeslaVital®!

Farben der Teslaplatten Kronenchakra

Farbe: Purpur

Position: direkt über dem Kopf bzw. Scheitel des Menschen

Eigenschaften: innerer Frieden, Selbstverwirklichung, spirituelles Verständnis und Förderung der geistigen Entwicklung und Intuition

Farben der Teslaplatten Stirnchakra

Farbe: Indigo

Position: zwischen Nasenwurzel und Augenbrauen

Eigenschaften: hohe Konzentrationsfähigkeit und Vorstellungskraft, bessere Intuition und Selbsterkenntnis

Farben der Teslaplatten Halschakra

Farbe: Hellblau

Position: im Bereich von Kehlkopf und Schilddrüse

Eigenschaften: gute kommunikative Eigenschaften, höheres Selbst- und Sprachbewusstsein, Kreativität

Farben der Teslaplatten Herzchakra

Farbe: Grün

Position: in der Brustkorbmitte über dem Herzen

Eigenschaften: Hingebung und Mitgefühl, Liebe, Harmonie, Uneigennützigkeit und Toleranz

Farben der Teslaplatten Nabelchakra

Farbe: Gelb

Position: knapp über dem Bauch­nabel

Eigenschaften: Durchsetzungs­vermögen, Aufmerksamkeit, logisches Denken und Nervenstärke

Farben der Teslaplatten Sakralchakra

Farbe: Orange

Position: handbreit unterhalb des Bauchnabels

Eigenschaften: Freude am Leben, Selbstsicherheit, konstruktives Handeln, gute Beziehungen zu anderen Menschen und zur Umwelt

Farben der Teslaplatten Wurzelchakra

Farbe: Rot

Position: unteres Ende der Wirbelsäule

Eigenschaften: Erdverbundenheit, Selbstvertrauen und Sicherheit, allgemein gute Konstitution

Farben der Teslaplatten Auraschutz

Farbe: schwarz

Anwendung: Auraschutz, Elektrosmog

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