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Nikola Tesla - An Inventor with Prophetic Powers

With more than 700 patents worldwide, Nikola Tesla is one of the biggest inventors of the 20th century. His inventions, including the alternating current, the radio, and the radio remote control, have revolutionized the world. Tesla was a genius whose prophetic powers put him way ahead of his time. Even now his cutting-edge ideas continue to influence modern research, especially his Theory of Free Energy, which can be successfully put to use through Teslaplates®.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was one of the most prominent scientists in history. With his inexhaustible visions the Croatian American physicist made numerous significant discoveries in the field of technology, and never failed to amaze the world.

The Universe as a Source of Energy

At the start of the 20th century Nikola Tesla began to do research on the earth's atmosphere and the use of free energy. The renowned physicist was convinced that besides mere sunlight, cosmic rays also had a significant impact on life on earth, resulting in a form of exchange between the flora and fauna on earth, and cosmic energy. According to Tesla’s theory, cosmic rays from space penetrate the atmosphere until they hit the earth's surface. These rays consist of electronically charged particles (positive and negative ions) and can be used as an independent source of energy.

Tesla's Vision

The discovery of free energy encouraged Tesla to think big. His goal was to tap into the limitless free energy supplies of the universe and unlock them. As his notes show, he was already working on a system that would supply the world with electricity through nothing but powerful radio masts, an ambitious idea he was unable to realize during his lifetime. He did, however, manage to construct an electronically powered car: Tesla remodeled a vehicle originally built by Pierce-Arrow in such an ingenious way that it could be operated without energy storage or external sources of power. Unfortunately, the model was not a commercial success. Besides critical voices in the world of science and technology that continue to label Tesla's ideas as "utopian", there was also great resistance in the world of politics and economics. Despite much criticism, Tesla's theory was never proven wrong.

The Energy of Life

Even today a lot of Nikola Tesla's ideas remain a mystery to modern scientists. Many of his inventions have not been described in sufficient detail. In order to protect his patents from copycats he often left out vital information. This is also true for patent number 685.957, in which Tesla described a small-scale radiation receiver, once again, leaving his descriptions incomplete. Building upon Nikola Tesla's notes, TeslaVital® has continued to develop and perfect this patent and named Tesla's receiver and transmitter of free energy Teslaplate.

Today Teslaplates are successfully used in many areas of life. With their unique qualities they continue to amaze people around the globe.

The findings behind Teslaplates correspond with the now widespread assumption that any form of life is influenced by external factors. It therefore seems only natural to use Teslaplates for your personal wellbeing.

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Farben der Teslaplatten Kronenchakra

Farbe: Purpur

Position: direkt über dem Kopf bzw. Scheitel des Menschen

Eigenschaften: innerer Frieden, Selbstverwirklichung, spirituelles Verständnis und Förderung der geistigen Entwicklung und Intuition

Farben der Teslaplatten Stirnchakra

Farbe: Indigo

Position: zwischen Nasenwurzel und Augenbrauen

Eigenschaften: hohe Konzentrationsfähigkeit und Vorstellungskraft, bessere Intuition und Selbsterkenntnis

Farben der Teslaplatten Halschakra

Farbe: Hellblau

Position: im Bereich von Kehlkopf und Schilddrüse

Eigenschaften: gute kommunikative Eigenschaften, höheres Selbst- und Sprachbewusstsein, Kreativität

Farben der Teslaplatten Herzchakra

Farbe: Grün

Position: in der Brustkorbmitte über dem Herzen

Eigenschaften: Hingebung und Mitgefühl, Liebe, Harmonie, Uneigennützigkeit und Toleranz

Farben der Teslaplatten Nabelchakra

Farbe: Gelb

Position: knapp über dem Bauch­nabel

Eigenschaften: Durchsetzungs­vermögen, Aufmerksamkeit, logisches Denken und Nervenstärke

Farben der Teslaplatten Sakralchakra

Farbe: Orange

Position: handbreit unterhalb des Bauchnabels

Eigenschaften: Freude am Leben, Selbstsicherheit, konstruktives Handeln, gute Beziehungen zu anderen Menschen und zur Umwelt

Farben der Teslaplatten Wurzelchakra

Farbe: Rot

Position: unteres Ende der Wirbelsäule

Eigenschaften: Erdverbundenheit, Selbstvertrauen und Sicherheit, allgemein gute Konstitution

Farben der Teslaplatten Auraschutz

Farbe: schwarz

Anwendung: Auraschutz, Elektrosmog

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