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Inventions & Patents

Many of Nikola Tesla’s inventions are based on alternating currents, but he also made groundbreaking discoveries in other areas of science that have become part and parcel of our lives today.


Years before Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen had any concrete results to show in this field, Tesla had already discovered certain special rays and the way they behaved. Today the history of science cannot be imagined without x-rays.

The Radio Remote Control

When Nikola Tesla presented the first radio remote controlled vehicle to the public - it was a simple submarine equipped with an antenna - at the world exhibition of Chicago in 1893, nobody quite knew how to react. It was an invention that both astonished and irritated people. All Tesla did was steer the boat via radio waves using a small box fitted with buttons and powered by a small battery. Tesla himself referred to the object as the world's first robot. Nowadays the remote control has become an everyday object to us both at work and at home.

Tesla - The Real Inventor of the Radio

Tesla discovered the possibility of transferring radio signals when he developed his Tesla coils. He applied for a patent, making him the rightful inventor of the radio, rather than Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian scientist who ended up beating him to this historic position using his strong financial muscle and the fact that Tesla's lab was destroyed in a fire. Consequently Tesla did not achieve international fame with this groundbreaking invention, even though Marconi used 17 of his patents to build the first radio. Only after Tesla's death in 1943 the
U.S. Supreme Court recognized the legitimacy of his patents. At this point, however, Marconi had already been awarded the Nobel prize for physics, thus claiming the highest distinction in the world of science to himself, and forever linking his name with the invention of the radio.

Pierce-Arrow Luxury Car

At the beginning of the 20th century Pierce-Arrow was a well known maker of luxury cars. After making several profitable inventions Nikola Tesla treated himself to a Pierce-Arrow. Instead of using the engine it came with, however, he decided to fit his own Pierce-Arrow with an alternating current electronic engine solely fueled by the free energy around it. A long antenna in the rear part of the car served as a receiver.

In 1931 Nikola Tesla invited his incredulous nephew Peter Savo for extensive test drives of his latest creation. They tested the car over an entire week and managed to reach speeds as fast as 90 miles an hour. The Pierce-Arrow made hardly any noise and produced absolutely no exhaust.

Tesla was on the verge of revolutionizing the automobile industry, as well as other major industries, but unfortunately political and economic crises and interests prevented him from further advancing this type of technology and developing the corresponding vehicles.

Further Achievements by Nikola Tesla

Many photographs in Tesla’s books show him in front of his own devices or inventions. He knew how to create impressive displays at presentations or exhibitions, especially whenever light was involved. This was how he introduced the first vacuum tubes, fluorescent light tubes, and neon tubes to the world, as well as an improved version of the arc lamp. He also discovered the principle of high frequency impulses being reflected upon hitting an object. Nowadays this principle is known as radar.

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Farben der Teslaplatten Kronenchakra

Farbe: Purpur

Position: direkt über dem Kopf bzw. Scheitel des Menschen

Eigenschaften: innerer Frieden, Selbstverwirklichung, spirituelles Verständnis und Förderung der geistigen Entwicklung und Intuition

Farben der Teslaplatten Stirnchakra

Farbe: Indigo

Position: zwischen Nasenwurzel und Augenbrauen

Eigenschaften: hohe Konzentrationsfähigkeit und Vorstellungskraft, bessere Intuition und Selbsterkenntnis

Farben der Teslaplatten Halschakra

Farbe: Hellblau

Position: im Bereich von Kehlkopf und Schilddrüse

Eigenschaften: gute kommunikative Eigenschaften, höheres Selbst- und Sprachbewusstsein, Kreativität

Farben der Teslaplatten Herzchakra

Farbe: Grün

Position: in der Brustkorbmitte über dem Herzen

Eigenschaften: Hingebung und Mitgefühl, Liebe, Harmonie, Uneigennützigkeit und Toleranz

Farben der Teslaplatten Nabelchakra

Farbe: Gelb

Position: knapp über dem Bauch­nabel

Eigenschaften: Durchsetzungs­vermögen, Aufmerksamkeit, logisches Denken und Nervenstärke

Farben der Teslaplatten Sakralchakra

Farbe: Orange

Position: handbreit unterhalb des Bauchnabels

Eigenschaften: Freude am Leben, Selbstsicherheit, konstruktives Handeln, gute Beziehungen zu anderen Menschen und zur Umwelt

Farben der Teslaplatten Wurzelchakra

Farbe: Rot

Position: unteres Ende der Wirbelsäule

Eigenschaften: Erdverbundenheit, Selbstvertrauen und Sicherheit, allgemein gute Konstitution

Farben der Teslaplatten Auraschutz

Farbe: schwarz

Anwendung: Auraschutz, Elektrosmog

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